Demonstration of kong chewstix ultra stick
A cute dog is chewing chewstix ultra stick
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Demonstration of kong chewstix ultra stick
KONG ChewStix Ultra Stick

KONG ChewStix Ultra Stick

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For the pups that are instinctively drawn to the thrill of chasing and gnawing on sticks, KONG ChewStix is the perfect companion. Infused with the authenticity of real wood, this toy offers a natural chewing experience, but with the added benefit of enhanced safety. No more worries about splinters or breakage; the ChewStix ensures that your furry friend's chewing pleasure is both satisfying and safe. And with an enticing bacon scent, it's an irresistible invitation for hours of chewing delight.

Key Features:

  1. Real Wood Essence: Mimics the authentic feel of wooden sticks, providing a natural chewing environment for your pup.
  2. Safety Enhanced: Designed to flake rather than splinter, offering a much safer alternative to traditional sticks.
  3. Bacon-Scented Allure: The tempting aroma of bacon makes the toy even more appealing, encouraging and rewarding proper chewing habits.
  4. Built for Durability: Robustly constructed to withstand extended chewing sessions, ensuring prolonged playtime without quick wear and tear.
  5. Dental Health: The toy's rounded edges and grooves not only enhance engagement but also contribute to cleaning teeth and massaging gums, promoting oral health.


Introduce your dog to the KONG ChewStix and watch as they engage in their natural chewing instincts, safely and happily. Regularly inspect the toy for any excessive wear, replacing it when needed. Always supervise your pet during playtime.

Gift your dog the joy of nature and the assurance of safety with the KONG ChewStix. It's not just a toy; it's a celebration of their innate instincts, refined for their well-being.

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