Size Guide

Please note the following size guide is for RD Petz walk wear only and may vary with other vendors.
At RD Petz Store we want to ensure you find the perfect fit to avoid any disappointment on delivery of your items, 
Firstly all size guides are based on the maximum and minimum the product can fit so please don't order the wrong size expecting it to fit. We recommend always going for something which has bit of room for either growth or reduction this way the fit will be perfect.
Size guide chart of harness 


The sizes specified above are for the girth of the dog, Measure the largest part of the rib cage just behind the front legs with a gap about the width of two fingers for the best fit.

Note: Unfortunately due to the size of the XS harness we are unable to offer Softex straps like the bigger sizes, the nylon webbing used as an alternative has proven to be just as comfy on the smaller breeds.



Size guide chart of collar
The collars have been measured from the third to last hole, The idea behind this is so you don't buy a collar and have loads of excess material hanging around on the end.
Make sure the size you select will be well fitted but comfortable, I always got for the size in-between that way you have plenty of movement.
Note: Like the harness unfortunately we can't line the XS-S collars in Softex due to the size, The nylon webbing used is again very comfortable and secure fitting for any dog.
Size guide of lead webbing pattern
Size guide chart of a softex lead

The leads are easily matched up with harness/collars using the last measurement on each size for the width of material, We always recommend going for the same width as the harness.

Note: All leads compliment a Softex lines handle for additional comfort excluding the XS lead.



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